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Terms and Conditions

Below is a list of terms and conditions applicable to my services and products; if you do not understand or have any questions about these terms and conditions, please let me know.


Deposits -  All deposits are non-refundable; if you can not attend a workshop or it does not go ahead, the deposit is transferrable to another workshop or can be used as credit for purchasing print products or equipment from my online store.

Cancellation policy - Any cancellation must be communicated in writing and may result in the loss of a portion or all of the money paid. If you cancel within 30 days (Australian workshops) or 60 days (International workshops), and your place can not be filled, no refund will be given. I will not be held responsible for the necessary cancellation of any workshops due to situations deemed "out of our control". Such situations may include (but are not exclusive to): civil unrest, wars, terrorism, epidemics & pandemics. We will deal with these situations individually based on the problem presented. Where possible, I will do my best to refund what we can or turn the payments already made into credits for use on the same trip on different dates. However, there is also the possibility of a total loss. In this case, I will provide documentation for you to submit a claim to your trip cancellation insurance, which we urge you to consider getting.

Cancellation charge - If you are entitled to the full refund, there will be a $200aud administration fee charged on the refund amount.

Workshop Fees
- All fees must be paid 30 days (Australian workshops) or 60 Days (International workshops) before the scheduled tour date for the position to be secured on the workshop.

Health Requirements
My workshops are designed for adults of all ages with reasonable health and moderate fitness level. Some activities on tour may require walking and hiking for distances of up to 5-kilometre trails and short inclines and descents. Guests may choose to opt out of activities at their discretion. You will need to be able to carry your own camera equipment and water during my workshops. You will need to disclose any medical or physical conditions that may create a risk to you or other tour participants. I assume no responsibility for your medical care.

When you book to join one of my workshops, you accept responsibility for your proper conduct during our workshop. I reserve the right at any time to terminate (before or after departure) your workshop due to your misconduct. Full cancellation charges will then apply, and no refund will be given. Furthermore, I shall be under no obligation whatsoever to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses you may incur due to the booking being terminated. If your actions cause damage to the accommodation or transport you are using, you agree to fully indemnify me or any employees against any claim (including legal costs) made by the accommodation or transport provider. You are also liable to make the reimbursement to the accommodation or transfer provider for any damage caused before you end your stay.


Payment for any workshop is considered acceptance of all terms and conditions, including the assumption of all risks, you also agree that you are attending a workshop voluntarily, and you agree to hold me, the workshop operator, harmless for all personal injury and/or loss that you may incur during or related to the attendance of this workshop.


It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct insurance; please consider Travel, Equipment, Medical and Trip cancellation insurance at your discretion.

Your Privacy
I will never share with any third parties your personal data (such as your name, contact details, travel preferences and any special needs/disabilities or dietary requirements). I will use them for the operational needs related to your purchased tour package. I may also use your email or postal address to send you information and brochures related to our activity; should you wish not to receive these, please inform me upon booking.

In the scheduling and running my photography tours, I follow all Government Guidelines. Your decision to travel is personal, and your decision must be based on your circumstances and the information available to you regarding the impact of Covid-19 on travel.

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