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  • Quickly change the orientation of the camera between landscape and portrait
  • The VX-UN Universal L-Bracket will fit most DSLR / Mirrorless cameras without a battery grip
  • Lightweight CNC machined aluminum weighing just 99g (3.5oz)
  • 61mm of lateral screw mount adjustment range to support larger cameras
  • Protective rubber pad to increase friction and reduce movement
  • Compatible with ARCA and RRS quick release clamps
  • Maintain access to the accessory ports on your camera
  • Dual spirit levels for accuracy
  • 1/4” accessory mounting threads
  • Dual safety stops to prevent the bracket from accidentally sliding from compatible quick release plates

Explorer Vertical Explorer Universal L Bracket

  • The Explorer VX-UN Vertical Explorer Universal L Bracket is designed to fit a large range of DSLR / Mirrorless cameras to provide flexibility between horizontal and vertical shooting positions and to help maintain balance through the center column of a tripod. The CNC machined aluminum design has been finished with a grey anodized coating for durability and weighs just 99g (3.5oz). The VX-UN is fully compatible with is compatible with both Arca-type and Really Right Stuff lever clamp. 

    Multiple 1/4” mounting threads are located on the bracket’s bottom and side to support accessories such as video lights or microphones connected via mounting arms or cold shoe adaptors. Anti-slip rubber pads and dual safety stops minimizing lateral movement for security and help to prevent the camera from accidentally sliding out of compatible ARCA / RRS quick-release clamps. 

    The two-piece design allows the bracket to be disassembled, with each piece can be used independently as a standard quick release plate. When inverted vertically and used with a ball head with a panning clamp, the Explorer VX-UN can be used as a panning tilt head for video purposes.


    The ability to quickly change your camera’s orientation from landscape to portrait is one of the biggest advantages when using an L bracket over a standard quick-release mounting plate. This can provide multiple options for compositions while still maintaining balance and even weight distribution on a tripod.

    Advantages of using an L-Bracket 

    • Better weight distribution and balance through the tripod
    • Maintain composition when changing from horizontal to vertical orientation
    • Great for panoramic shots in both vertical and horizontal orientation
    • Allows for a full range of motion in portrait / vertical orientation when using a ball-head
    • Maintain access to the accessory ports on your camera (custom-fitted L-Brackets)
    • Acts as a protective shell around the camera body
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