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Thank you for being a part of my first BFOP and choosing my workshop to utilise your time. It's pretty humbling being amongst a group of instructors that I am inspired by, yet you all still decided to do my workshop.

With that in mind, I wanted to give you as much value as possible in this follow-up, including a brief but free E-book covering some of the things we discussed and more.


I have put together a free ebook just for you! - Yes this one is just for people who attended the Not so Negative Space workshop at BFOP

Download NOW!

Click here to download


Join my circle of photography friends

I consider everyone I meet through photography friends; I have an exclusive Facebook group for my photography friends to share their work. It's a safe space where you can ask for honest feedback and has some fantastic photographers to learn from and be inspired by.

You can add me as a friend on Facebook and/or join my photography friends group by clicking on the buttons below.


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